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Written by shanique   
Sunday, 20 July 2008 14:15

This is an article for the page ABOUT.
What do I need to do to get it out there, instead of the toplink "about joomla".
Let's see if this maze of brainless website making will lead to any success.

so, that's the start.
short article, will save and see to it that it's published... whoaaaa

Okay update #1, I changed the top menu (unfortunately in capitals...). But this article is automatically published on the main (HOME) page as well... see... thats the power of Joomla and Wordpress... It's all about articles, and JOOMLA is eager to get them published (of course).

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Written by Shanique   
Friday, 18 July 2008 00:00

It's summer 2008... and here I am again, working with Joomla.
Version 1.5 has been released a year back: sept 2007. Most bugs have been dealt with in the meantime, which makes it less frustrating as well.

JOOMLA is a CMS. And you can build your site without any knowledge of HTML and CSS coding.
JOOMLA = the painless and brainless way of making a website.
And here me out please, I'm not a pro. Most of what I know I have learnt through the guys and dolls who graciously provided tons of free tutorials on internet. So I'm just a struggling hobbyist, who finds lots of joy in BUILDING websites. Nevertheless... I feel I am still allowed to my opinionzzz...

As of yet... I don't like the Joomla way of making websites that much...
More-over... I don't like the looks of the sites either.
You can see (most) Wordpress or Joomla sites from a mile.
All the sites look pretty much the same to me. Is it because they're all template based and have predefined boxes they want you to drop in your information?

Working with it...
It takes soooo loooong... before the the articles are saved, opened or refreshed... Why the hell can't we work with it on our pc? Joomla sites don't load that great as well. And boy DO often crash Firefox bigtime.
The devevelopers should think of a better way to have this working.

The way the articles are "organized" is a real pain. I can - as of yet - find NO LOGIC to this at all!
An engine like DW e.g. just on your pc, that would make it run a bit faster.
And mind you I have a 20 mb internet connection. I pity people with slower connections who try working with Joomla...

The HTML file... no make up at al... But who knows if there's a nifty plugin to take care of that. And even a simpler editor (HTMK-kit), would be handy. OK found that in the meantime.

You can look through virtually millions of free templates, that are provided all over internet.
You can purchase a template too. A purchased template doesn't necessarily mean that it is a better one, mind you.

But who knows. If I can find a way to mess with the coding, and fid a way to make my own templates, I might become enthused. That doesn't say my template would LOOK better than the one that are free or the ones you can purchase. It's all about having made it myself... As simple as that.

For the time being, I've tried out different templates. I like this HAIKU design by Rockettheme, and will be investigating (...), how I can "knit in" my own ideas into "Joomla-form-clone" website composing.

It's as simple as working in WORD, and anyone can do that.
So there are a lot advantages for people who don't like coding.
I'm not an expert in coding, but it sure as heck is a lot of fun!

Right now, I'm diving deeper into the bowels of CMS, so that I'm in charge here, and not the template!
Love and Peace to Everyone.

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