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Written by shanique   
Sunday, 20 July 2008 14:15

This is an article for the page ABOUT.
What do I need to do to get it out there, instead of the toplink "about joomla".
Let's see if this maze of brainless website making will lead to any success.

so, that's the start.
short article, will save and see to it that it's published... whoaaaa

Okay update #1, I changed the top menu (unfortunately in capitals...). But this article is automatically published on the main (HOME) page as well... see... thats the power of Joomla and Wordpress... It's all about articles, and JOOMLA is eager to get them published (of course).

So the next step is to find out, that articles are RESTRICTED to the page *I* want them to appear on. If I say About me, Stick to that page... por favor.
We don't want things to run out of control do we?
To be continued.

Update #2: aaaah.... I found a really neat option... It is possible to make changes in the text in the bloody FRONTEND. When I log in as admin on the page, I can use the editor... well... now... this is sooo cute... ONE BIG point here for Joomlaaaalaaaa... I almost peed my pants over this one.

Update #3: Now I need to find out, why the 1st "article" that should have stayed UP on this page is now down there. This one should have been in the About me section, or maybe "news" or "Joomla bashing" even... Moreover, the article is crammed into block/table on the left. And I would like that to be stretched over the total width of the page... Wonder if that's possible. Because the templates are divided into boxes, (I think they're called modules) and maybe that's not possible. CSS should solve that I hope. Otherwise I need another template. Or, as I said before, make a layout of my own. Now is that a challenge or a challenge?

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